Communication and Image Office

IPCA has a Communication and Image Office (GCI) that coordinates and manages the institution’s communication platforms, image and content. The GCI aims to disseminate information about IPCA, its training offer, events, conferences, awards, projects, academic ceremonies and other relevant events of the institution, both internally (IPCA website, social networks, Connect IPCA newsletter, internal TV circuit and SAS Social application) and externally (through written media, radio, television and digital platforms), according to the target audience of the message and following the main trends in communication. IPCA promotes an open communication strategy, both internally and externally, by publishing its institutional and management information, the planning and development of its activities, as well as its operations and other institutional information, seeking to establish itself as a dynamic, transparent, sustainable and socially responsible higher education institution. 

The GCI is also responsible for the organisation of institutional events for the IPCA Presidency and supports events organised by IPCA’s organic units. In the case of the former, the GCI designs and organises the event. 

Corporate Identity Standards Manual

As part of the approval of the new Corporate Identity for IPCA, the associated Standards Manual has been published. This document guides all users on how to use the logos, icons, fonts and colours of IPCA, its schools and social action services.
All IPCA graphic elements must fully comply with the requirements of the Standards Manual.


Opening Hours and Contacts


Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave

Building P

IPCA Campus, Vila Frescaínha S. Martinho

4750 – 811 Barcelos


Tel: 253 802 190


Office hours

Monday to Friday

Morning: 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Afternoon: 2pm to 5.30pm