How to get to the IPCA

The IPCA is based in Barcelos and has five other locations in the Cávado and Ave region (Braga, Esposende, Guimarães, Vila Nova de Famalicão and Vila Verde).

There are many ways to get to the campuses and centres, some more environmentally friendly… others with a larger environmental footprint.

If you choose a more sustainable route, such as public transport, and your destination is the campus, there are several connections operated by Cávado Mobilidade (Braga/ Barcelos; Barcelos/ Famalicão).

You can get to Barcelos by train.

If your destination is the IPCA Campus (Avepark), Esposende and Vale S. Cosme (Vila Nova de Famalicão), you can use the transport organised and provided by IPCA.

More information on SAS transport.