Campus and Centres

Located in the west of the city of Barcelos, more precisely in the Parish Union of Barcelos, Vila Boa and Vila Frescaínha (São Martinho), is the IPCA Campus, a campus open to the community, with a total area of 96,514.7m².

Since the inauguration of the first building in September 2008, the Campus’ built heritage has grown in response to the institution’s growth. However, the growth has been realised in a sustainable way, respecting the surrounding environment and guaranteeing the best conditions for the entire academic community.

The following buildings are part of the IPCA Campus, in chronological order of completion.

IPCA has invested not only in the construction of new buildings on campus, but also in the creation of a network of accessibility and routes designed to promote the use of soft transport. The cycle path, which is about 800 metres long and surrounds the Campus, starts next to the pedestrian bridge that connects the Campus to the city of Barcelos. There is also a pedestrian access approximately 200 metres long, which ensures safety and comfort for pedestrians.

In order to promote sustainable circulation, the IPCA Campus has 3 bicycle parking areas, with a capacity for 96 parking spaces, one of which is a closed structure with 6 battery charging stations and a self-service workshop.

As well as promoting the well-being and socialising of the academic community, the IPCA Campus also values the preservation of the environment, contributing with its extensive green spaces. These spaces provide a more pleasant and healthy environment for the Campus’ academic community and include esplanades and stone tables and benches, which are some examples of these socialising areas that allow contact with nature and outdoor activities.

Braga Centre 

Since October 2014, the Braga Centre has been located in the parish of São José de S. Lázaro, in the municipality of Braga.

With the creation of the Escola Técnica Superior Profissional in July 2019, the building became the headquarters of this new organisational unit. In this building, Higher Professional Technical Courses are essentially taught, as well as short courses from other IPCA schools on an after-labour basis.

All the facilities at the IPCA Campus in Barcelos are guaranteed, such as the catering service, with the creation of a dining area where the canteen and bar operate, a library and study rooms, among others.

Guimarães Centre

In the 2015/2016 academic year, IPCA opened a new centre in Guimarães, in premises provided by the Guimarães City Council, located in Avepark, in Caldas das Taipas, thus fulfilling the goal of extending its activities to the Ave Valley, twenty years after its creation.

These facilities occupy three buildings that have been remodelled in order to adapt them to the teaching of higher vocational technical courses and the operation of services.

One of the buildings where teaching activities take place has eight properly furnished and equipped classrooms, one of which is equipped with a state-of-the-art computer.

n 2022, it was possible to transfer the teaching activity carried out in the space occupied by the fashion design and footwear design workshops/laboratory to the ground floor of the teaching building, under the terms of an addendum to the space transfer protocol signed between the IPCA and the Municipality of Guimarães in October 2015.

The administrative services, library, study/living room and teachers’ offices are in the other building, which is about 20 metres away from the teaching building.

Famalicão Centre 

Since September 2019, IPCA has had the Famalicão Campus, housed in the CIIES – Centre for Innovation, Research and Higher Education, located in the former premises of the Didáxis Cooperative school in S.Cosme, along with other entities.

Like the Braga and Guimarães centres, the Famalicão centre teaches Higher Professional Technical Courses.

Esposende Centre 

In November 2021, the Esposende Centre began operating in temporary premises that the Esposende Town Council adapted in an industrial area next to the National Road (EN) 103-1.

This centre also teaches Higher Professional Technical Courses, in this case in the areas of Nature and Adventure Tourism, Innovation in Culinary Arts, as well as practical classes for the Degree in Hotel Management from the School of Hospitality and Tourism, which began operating in the 2022/2023 academic year.

Vila Verde Centre 

The year 2022 was also marked by the entry into operation of the IPCA Centre in Vila Verde, which operates in the former premises of IEMinho – Instituto Empresarial do Minho, located at Rua do Conhecimento nº10, in the parish of Soutelo, Vila Verde, provided by the Municipality of Vila Verde,

Like the centres in Braga, Guimarães, Vila Nova de Famalicão and Esposende, this centre teaches Higher Professional Technical Courses.