The development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem is one of IPCA’s key objectives. Through various initiatives and projects, IPCA is strengthening its institutional strategy to increase knowledge and awareness of entrepreneurship in its community.

To this end, IPCA, through the Employment, Entrepreneurship and Business Liaison Office (G3E), promotes and recognises actions, projects, practices, competitions and initiatives of a curricular or extracurricular nature, institutional and/or individual, that encourage the generation of ideas, the development of an entrepreneurial mindset, the promotion and internalisation of an entrepreneurial culture, in order to provide its community with tools that enable the development of projects in a business environment and the creation of self-employment.

The promotion of an entrepreneurial culture would not be possible without entrepreneurship education. Following this logic of action, the IPCA is committed to implementing and increasing the number of curricular units that are essential for the learning of this topic, appointing Entrepreneurship Coordinators in the 5 schools, who are available to support and promote the entrepreneurial network of the campus.