Academic Life

“IPCA once, IPCA always” 

The IPCA Academic Association represents all IPCA students and is the “soul” of the Polytechnic, promoting activities from pedagogical to cultural, including sports.

The Students’ Association of the Polytechnic of Cávado and Ave was founded in 1996 with the aim of representing and defending the interests of the students. After 19 years, the IPCA Students’ Association (AEIPCA) was renamed the Academic Association of the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (AAIPCA). Despite the change of name, the objectives have remained the same and the “flame” of the Academy is still very much alive.

Through the Academic Groups, academic traditions and culture are promoted and preserved. There are currently 5 Academic Groups – 3 tunas, the Choir and the Fado Group.

Cultural Music Group

IPCA Academic Tuna

IPCA Female Tuna

IPCA Mixed Tuna

IPCA Academic Choir


IPCA Fado Group


The AAIPCA actively participates in student integration and welcome activities – Welcome IPCA, IPCALIZA-te – and in IPCA’s Academic Week – Queima do Galo. 

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