IPCA’s Organizational Structure

IPCA is a public institution of higher education, established by Decree-Law No. 304/94 on December 19th. It transitioned to a foundational regime under Decree-Law No. 63/2018, dated August 6th. The foundational framework for the internal organisation and functioning of the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, known as IPCA, is defined by its statutes. These statutes were initially approved by Legislative Order No. 1-A/2019 on June 14th and subsequently modified by Legislative Order No. 2/2022 on January 25th.

These statutes serve as the cornerstone for IPCA’s internal operations and are complemented by the organic regulations governing the institution’s services. Regulation No. 744/2019, dated September 25th, outlines the structure, responsibilities, and competencies of IPCA’s services. It specifies the various services that constitute the organisational framework, defines their missions and responsibilities, and delineates the levels of management and their respective areas of competence.