RUN-EU EPA meets in Brussels to plan the alliance’s training offer

After the RUN-EU 2.0 kick-off meeting in January, the planning of activities for the new four-year funding cycle continues.

This week the RUN-EU EPA (European Pedagogical Academy) met in Brussels, the group that organises training at RUN-EU, from FAPSA (Future Advanced Pedagogical Skills), to joint degree, and the short-term training offer, which includes SAPs, BIPs, COILs and MOOCs. This short-term learning opportunities are led by IPCA in the European alliance.

Present at the meetings to plan the future of RUN-EU were IPCA Vice-President for Internationalisation Paula Tavares and Pro-President for Pedagogical Innovation António Moreira. RUN-EU 2.0 promises the same dynamism with increased ambition.