IPCA signs agreement for Double Degree in Computer Science

IPCA and the University of Vorarlberg (FHV) have signed a protocol for the teaching of a Double Degree Program in the field of Computer Science

The agreement concerns the Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering (MEI) of the School of Technology (EST) at IPCA and the Master’s in Computer Science of the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg (FHV) in Vorarlberg, Austria.

With this agreement, students who participate in the Double Degree program will have their course recognized by both higher education institutions, and they will be awarded two Master’s degrees by the institutions that have signed the agreements.

The agreement was signed by the Presidents of IPCA and FHV in Győr, Hungary.

IPCA and FHV already have a double degree agreement in the field of electronics, which involves the Master’s Degree in Electronics and Computers Engineering (MEEC) of the EST.