International IPCA | RUN-EU Mobility Week

Between the 24th and 27th of October 2022, IPCA hosted 24 mobility experts from the seven RUN-EU partner Institutions.

This was the second RUN-EU face-to-face Mobility Week, during which the International Mobility Group met to assess the present of the mobility at the European University and define strategies for the future.

The intensive programme included several working sessions of the five groups that integrate the European Mobility Innovation Centre (EMIC), a competence center in the field of mobility innovation, composed by representatives from the International Relations Offices / Mobility Offices of the RUN-EU institutions.

During this four-day international event, IPCA organized several dynamics, among which networking sessions, brainstorming, achievements and proposals for the future of EMIC. This event also allowed a greater personal interaction as well as the deepening of cooperation between the institutions involved.

The Mobility Week also included the RUN-EU Marketplace, where students and staff had the opportunity to visit the RUN-EU university stands and get better acquainted with the institutions of the alliance (IPLIPCATUSNHL StendenHAMK e SZE).