António Costa praises the growth of IPCA during his visit to the Campus expansion project in Barcelos

Today, the Prime Minister, António Costa, visited the construction site of the B-CRIC Complex, where, among other facilities, a Student Residence, a 500-seat Auditorium, and a space dedicated to Research are being built.

In their speeches, both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Science, Technology, and Higher Education, Elvira Fortunato, as well as the Mayor of Barcelos, Mário Constantino, congratulated IPCA for its remarkable growth and strategic vision, driving higher education and the region forward.

“It would be hard to conclude these two days of ‘Government Closer’ in the district of Braga in a better way than with this visit, which symbolically represents the key to our development: investing in qualifications and innovation,” said António Costa.

The Prime Minister emphasized that if Barcelos is above the national average today, both in the number of students attending higher education and in the number of graduates, it is thanks to IPCA, recalling the role the institution played in democratizing access to higher education in the region.

The President of IPCA mentioned the importance that B-CRIC will have for the economic development of companies and the region, through the application of the knowledge and innovation it produces.