Skilling Future Academy at IPCA with open applications

Access to ETeSP's Isolated Curricular Units (UCIs) for the second semester of the 2022-2023 academic year offers the possibility of choosing modular courses from the Skilling Future Academy.

Applications run until the 6th of March.

Taking into account the qualification in emerging areas in different sectors of activity, ETeSP promotes this semester, together with the usual competition for attendance at UCIs, the possibility of competing for modular courses that aggregate several UCIs with a separate Project CU developed in a work context.

The set of modular courses is in line with the Skilling Future, being oriented towards employees of companies who wish to obtain specific skills, and, as such, there are advantages for employees of companies already associated with the IPCA through collaboration protocols. There are more than 300 companies benefiting from the reduction in the amount payable, which can be consulted in Annex II of the Notice.

Professional modular courses are an effective way to develop specific skills and knowledge to achieve career goals, without the need to complete a full-time course.

These Isolated Curricular Units, of which the Skilling Future (SF) program is part, are aligned and form part of the ETESP SKILL BOOST project presented to the STEAM program under the PRR and which was financed.

The public notice for this competition can be consulted in the UCIs and SKILLING FUTURE 2023 public notices, with applications available through the Academic Division page – – until March 6, 2023.

All information about the Skilling Future modular courses can be found at

All questions can be sent by email to: or through the contacts of any of the IPCA poles.