Psychological and Medical Support

Psychology Office

IPCA has a Psychology Office that provides the academic community with free counselling, pending on scheduling an appointment. The appointments can be booked during regular office hours, after work or via skype, which allows all students the opportunity to benefit from this service.

The Psychology sessions have as their main goal to promote the psychologic and relational well-being of students, teachers and staff. In that sense, this service, provides psychotherapy and/or counselling so that personal resources can be potentiated to overcome any inter and intra personal issues that may occur.

At any point, during the academic journey, there may arise the need for some guidance or vocational confirmation. This includes specialised help in the exploration of personal interests, abilities and aptitudes.

Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy is a therapeutic method focused on trying to improve the understanding of the way the mind works, with the goal of improving emotional well-being.

Academic Counselling: The Academic Counselling aims at helping with the academic struggles students might be facing. These struggles might be related to lack of attention and concentration, time and tasks management issues, ineffective study methods and anxiety regarding exams.

The sessions are free and have to be scheduled, by email

General Practice Consultations/Family Planning

IPCA’s Social Services (SASIPCA) provide the displaced academic population with Health Services, which intend to tackle the students and the academic community’s need when it comes to medical support and to promote health and health awareness. 

Through a protocol established between IPCA and Barcelos’ local Health Care Centre, the displaced academic community is able to access all the health care services this facility offers.

IPCA’s community has access to General Practice/Family Planning consultations, through previous scheduling with SASIPCA. The cost of the service corresponds to the value of the user charges, set legally, on a national basis.

To make an appointment, please email

Smoking Cessation Consultations

SASIPCA, in association with Barcelos’ local Health Care Centre, provides, to all the academic community, smoking cessation appointments, available at the Health Care Centres in Barcelos and Barcelinhos. The appointments are free of any charge and can be booked directly with the chosen Health Care Centre.

Medicines and First Aid

SASIPCA makes available to the academic community some medicines, such as painkillers and antipyretics, as well as first aid materials to help with some minor accidents that may have occurred. SASIPCA also makes available to the community a blood pressure measurement device.