Students from European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) countries, are covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which allows them to benefit from the national Social Security System, like any Portuguese citizen. In order to be framed within this context, students should contact their local Social Security Centre and request the issuing of this card, before traveling to Portugal.

Students from outside the EU and EEA must make sure, before they travel, that they have a health insurance with medical coverage for the entire duration of their stay in Portugal. Students from Brazil, in particular, if they are linked to the Brazilian Social Security, may request the PB4 form at the correspondent institution in Brazil, in order to benefit from medical care in Portugal, on the same grounds as Portuguese citizens do.

Upon arrival to Portugal, in order to be enrolled at IPCA every student should present proof of insurance.

Additionally, every student benefits from IPCA’s school insurance, which covers accidents occurred at the Institute’s premises (during class hours, in the free time between classes included in the timetable and while performing activities organised and authorised by IPCA, including sports and gatherings). The school insurance also covers accidents occurred outside the Institute’s premises (such as academic excursions, outdoor classes and traineeships) and in the regular and direct commute Home – IPCA.

It is important to mention that in case of accident students should contact the IRO directly, so that the insurance company can be notified, through IPCA’s Social Services (SAS), and so that all necessary procedures can be started.